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Gallagher responds to news about Castro

It's probably not too surprising that Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher was the first of the four major candidates for governor to respond to last night's stunning news that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro had temporarily ceded power to his brother.

Gallagher said "The news from Cuba is a significant moment not only in that nation’s history, but also in the history of our state and the hundreds of thousands of Cubans who call Florida home. For the Cuban people, both here and in Cuba, it is my hope that these developments will hasten the transition to a peaceful future and the fulfillment of our aspirations for a democratic Cuba."

Gallagher you may recall earlier this year proposed hiring the state's first "Cuba transition coordinator,'' a person working for the governor whose job would be to prepare Florida for the aftermath of the death of Castro. Attorney General Charlie Crist, who is running against Gallagher in the Sept. 5 GOP primary, in the past has said he too looks forward to the day when Cuba is free, but has said he would rely on the advice of such people as U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez on what Florida should do to prepare for that moment.


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Until that "temporarily" gets removed from the phrase "temporarily ceded power," isn't this a tempest in a tea pot?

Yeah, Fidel's getting old, but the news stories out today are treating him as though he's already dropped dead and Raul has taken over. To paraphrase a saying even more cliche than the tempest/tea pot one, I feel as though people are counting their chickens way, way before they've hatched.

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