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Harris attacks Nelson

U.S. Sen. candidate Katherine Harris announced a statewide ad buy attacking Sen. Bill Nelson and touting a sex-crimes law she helped pass.

Here's the text:

"Katherine Harris.  A gutsy woman who fought for conservative values and won.   Harris sponsored Carlie’s law to get tough on sexual predators and pedophiles. Bill Nelson is a do-nothing liberal Senator who hasn’t passed a meaningful bill in six years. And as insurance commissioner Nelson’s actions caused insurance rates to soar and Floridians paid the price.  Florida needs a gutsy fighter, not a do-nothing Senator."

Nelson spokesman Dan McLaughlin responded: "Liberal? No, not true. She's trying to apply labels that don't sit. He's voted to approve more than 95 percent of the president's judicial appointments.

"A do-nothing Senator? Again, not true. Bill Nelson was as instrumental as any member of congress to keep oil rigs off Florida's shores. Just this year, among others, he got through the Senate the bill that allows people to get cheaper prescriptions from Canada."

"As for insurance, Katherine Harris is clueless about the marketplace. She's just flat out clueless. Insurance rates were 55 percent less on average when he was commissioner, compared to today. Maybe she wasn't paying attention, but eight hurricanes hit this state in less than two years."


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Thanks for softening up Nelson for Senator McBride Katherine!

Jack Spratt

Make that Senator Collins Lou! McBride is SOFT on immigration -- in fact he participated in rallies to defeat reform. Republican voters will reject McBride and Harris!


Hey there, why is a guy who is so pro-choice and does not answer the NRA questionairre attacking anyone in a Republican primary. Sounds like a sure loser to me. Sorry Jack Spratt I think you are wasting your time with this Collins joker. I sure hope a paycheck does not depend on it for you.


Nelson is going to win by a landslide, not much to talk about here.

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