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Collins ad on Harris: "She can't win."

Unable to muster the money for a major statewide TV ad buy, U.S. Sen. candidate LeRoy Collins is getting the best bang for his new radio ad by taking a passing shot at Katherine Harris after boosting his bio.

Collins asked Harris publicly to withdraw once before. This time, though, a woman's voice does the dirty work, saying "She can't win!" Indeed, Harris is once again under fire, this time for her interview with the Florida Baptist Witness where she mentioned "that lie we have been told, the separation of church and state."

More at http://www.leroycollins.org


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Concerned GOP Voter

Collins is to liberal to win this race. Check out his views in the Florida Baptist Witness interview. He is prochoice, Supports stem cell research and supports Civil Unions among other things.



Wow, who would have thought that radio reaches that many primary voters across the state...wait, it doesnt! So, I am glad Collins is wasting his money because now there is an even more poor pro-choice candidate. Im going with the dark horse in this one. I have a hunch...Go Monroe!!!

Collins Supporter and proud of it.

Collins is the only person in this race that can beat Bill Nelson. And he isn't pro-choice, he supports common-sense legislation regarding abortion. He would get more accomplished in a week than all the others would do in six years. Of course Harris will be in jail so don't waste your vote on her. And McBride is for amnesty and can't be trusted. The ad is funny. You can hear it at www.LeRoyCollins.org


sweet blip to the guy who has no money to pay your salary. and the wording common sense legistlation goes against most republicans, so i am assuming that you mean since most republicans (roughly 75%) disagree with Collins on this issue that they in tuen do not have common sense...you wont have a job come september 6th


collins supporter...your an idiot, thank you for your blog. i can honeslty say that i have grown dumber after reading your piece on common sense legistlation.


I guess I'm a moderate, and I'm voting for Collins. There are serious issues out there that need to be addressed, and he seems like he knows what he stands for and doesn't pander. I listened to the ad and thought it was good.

McBride Supports Illegals

Funny how all these McBride staffers on here and the other blogs keep slamming Collins (because he is now polling 2nd), but have NEVER offered any defense to McBride's participation at the protest rally for illegal immigrants on May 1st with a group with left-wing ties and whose stated goal is to defeat immigration reform legislation. McBride apparently doesn't want to answer the questions either as he is now dodging any candidate events with Collins.

Concerned GOP Voter

Will McBride has stated over and over again that he supports Border control,is against amnesty for illegal immigrants and wants to fix the broken immigration system that we currently have that has allowed for so many illegal immigrants to enter the country. McBride unlike Collins is pro-life, Against Stem Cell Funding by the goverment, Against Gay marriage, wants to control the spending in Washington and cut out all the pork spending that is going on. He beleives in the core values of the Republican party. Check out his answers in the Christian Coliation questioner and his interview with Florida BaptistWitness and compare them to Collins. You will see who is the one who stands for what the Republicans beleive in.

For all to see

You can go by words or you can go by actions, and the actions of McBride are: participated in illegal immigrant's protest rally opposing immigration reform bills in congress.

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