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Harris doesn't want to get up that early

Republican U.S. Sen. candidate Katherine Harris apparently has canceled an 8:30 a.m. scheduled appearance at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club in Miami Beach.

Get a load of this e-mail from Mike Burke of the breakfast club: "Contrary to a confirmation given to TMBC Tuesday night, Katherine Harris will not honor her longstanding commitment to appear at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club on Aug. 29. Since this cancellation was delayed in order to make it impossible to obtain a speaker who would actually show up, we are holding this date open. Perhaps this weekend's round of changes in the Harris campaign will produce adult supervision. And no, we will not move the TMBC to Versailles to build a crowd for a photo-op. My apologies. I promise to book no more novelty acts in the future.''

Update: One of Harris' three GOP rivals, Will McBride, is offering to be the "relief pitcher."