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Pitts won't back Smith

Freddie Pitts, one of two wrongfully convicted black men dragged into the Democratic governor's race, said he can't support state Sen. Rod Smith, whose backers featured Pitts' case in a flier attacking rival Jim Davis for voting against compensating Pitts and Wilbert Lee in 1990.

Pitts was miffed by a radio ad (More here) that suggested he was one of the voices bashing Davis. He wasn't. The committee that posted the ad has agreed to change the phony voice-over.

Pitts made his comments first on Jim DeFede's radio show this morning and then told the Miami Herald: "Smith needs to come out and say this is wrong.'' Pitts also said he couldn't vote for Davis until the Tampa congressman explained how there wasn't enough evidence to warrant compensation.


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Richard Paul Dembinsky

Honorable Rod Smith needs to revisit his QA/QC on television ads...we here in Central Florida are still spinning from the Hawaii 5/0 copter speech that featured 5 camera men and news people.

Please consider voting for Carol Castagnero who is a nice lady from Lakeland that has visited south Florida many times during the campaign....but never gets in the press....She is listed above Honorable Davis and Honorable Rod Smith on the Ballot.

Please visit my website....onballot.com
and realize that my running mate is from Palm Beach County (Wellington)and has South Florida in his view...Dr. Joe Smith (Lt. Governor) NPA..has previously run in State and Congressional races in South Florida.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
Port Orange (Daytona Beach)Florida

Michael Hussey

This has the feel of a Democratic version of a cheap Willie Horton ad. (While was a vile Lee Atwater dirty trick.) This is another mistake on par with the helicopter ad.

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