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More troops leaving Harris

Four more staffers have left Katherine Harris' troubled U.S. Senate campaign, leaving some to wonder how long she can keep fighting in the trenches.

Over for the past week, some of the staffers left without explanation, but at least one confessed to others of being fed up. Another is a National Guard soldier who was deployed to Baghdad. The staffers range from a field director in the prized Orlando media market to a fundraising assistant.

"This is like a platoon from World War I with a 150 percent attrition rate. I feel like General Pershing watching waves of my good colleagues going to their end," former campaign manager Glenn Hodas said.

Hodas said he left her campaign shotly after discovering that she hid a subpoena she received in a federal corruption probe tied to convicted defense contractor Mitchell Wade, who admitted he gave an unwitting Harris $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions.

Harris spokeswoman Jennifer Marks, touting the endorsement of Florida Right to Life on Wednesday, said the candidate is not only innocent, but has been told by the Department of Justice that she's not a target of the investigation.

Marks put a good face on the departures: "We're excited. We have new management, a new staff and we're energized to see the congresswoman through the election."