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Final numbers in Villalobos race

It looks like the total spent in the failed effort to topple Miami state Sen. Alex Villalobos is $4.9 million, not $6 million as had previously been reported, according to final campaign reports posted today.

The number varies depending on which of the dozen or so political committees are included, but it appears the $4.9 million figure is more accurate -- still making the Sen. District 38 race the most expensive -- according to the very few shadow-meisters who would speak about their roles in the race.

Villalobos, though, has said the $6 million figure seems more likely to him. "I wouldn't be surprised if it were $7 million. They had ads on TV every day," he said, noting mailboxes were saturated with fliers as well. The Miami Herald reported the $6 million figure by summing the expenditures of the major committees opposing Villalobos and then adding the projected TV ad costs, but it turns out that at least $2 million in funds were shifted to and fro.

Complicating any final calculation: money flowed back and forth between the Frank Bolaños campaign and multiple committees, such as the Partnership for Florida's Future, Citizens for Conservative Values, Florida's Mainstreet Merchants, Teachers United for Better Schools, Citizens for Housing & Urban Growth, or the Florida Justice Reform Group. The most independent: the Florida and Virginia voucher-for-poor-kids groups, All Children Matter, which appeared to spend about $720,000.