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Interim vacant office status

That's the word for web visitors looking to reach Rep. Mark Foley, who resigned immediately Friday afternoon following word that he had engaged in inappropriate Internet contact with minor boys.

Foley's congressional website notes the office of the 16th Congressional district, "formerly the office of Representative Mark Foley,'' will continue to serve constituents "under the supervision of the Clerk of the House of Representatives.'

"Representative Foley,' it notes, "resigned effective close of business September 29."

The page that once touted the 12-year incumbent's accomplishments was replaced with the notice within hours of Foley's departure.

See the site here: http://clerk.house.gov/members/electionInfo/Florida_16th/index.html


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roberto escarpenter

The Congress, RNC, and JEB Bush's office should post Foley's home addreess on the sexual offender,predator list immediately
and then ask for donations

Family Values This One Jeb!!!

just ignorant

No child's behind, EVER left behind.

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