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Ads coming fast and furious

With 10 days left before Election Day, the airwaves are filling up with political ads. Two new ones in the governor's race will go up Saturday. The Republican Party of Florida will begin airing an ad called "Prescription" that touts the fact that Attorney General Charlie Crist supports the reimportation of drugs from Canada in the U.S. (U.S. Rep. Jim Davis supports this as well.) You can watch at www.rpof.org. This is the 11th ad that the party has done on behalf of Crist.

The script is as follows: "My dad's a family doctor and I believe healthcare is a fundamental right. As attorney general I started MyFloridaRx.com--a website to allow you to save money on prescription drugs. As governor, I'll negotiate to lower your drug prices. give every Floridian a prescription drug card and work to import safe and cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. My opponent voted against importing drugs from Canada and that's wrong. I'm Charlie Crist and I'll never stop working for you. Charlie Crist-a better vision for Florida's future."

Davis is coming out with own ad titled "Stay the Course" and it's available on his website www.jimdavis2006.com. "You can trust Charlie Crist. To do what? The St. Petersburg Times says Crist has no immediate plan for tax relief. No tax relief for businesses and renters. On education, a strong defender of the current system. Insurance? The Palm Beach Post calls his plan pay, hope and wait. No tax relief for four years. Nothing for renters or small businesses. No changes in education. No plan to lower insurance rates. Trust Charlie? You sure can. To stay the course."


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