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Campbell: Terrorist threat due to outsourcing

State Sen. Skip Campbell, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General Charlie Crist, lambasted GOP frontrunner Charlie Crist again Thursday for failing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shipment of sensitive personnel data overseas to India and Barbardos by a company working for Convergys, the corporation that took over personnel functions for state government.

But Campbell this time notched up the rhetoric, saying that allowing social security numbers and drivers license information for state employees to go overseas could lead to identity theft, including by those who may "terrorist purposes,'' also adding there is a "potential for terrorists getting this information and getting into the United States and doing harm." Campbell's press conference on the Convergys contract included the two whistleblowers who used to work for GDX, a Colorado based company that at one time was responsible for indexing millions of personnel files. (GDX no longer has a contract, a lawyer representing the women said.)

At the same event, Campbell unveiled a new television ad that will begin airing in "select" markets that blasts his opponent Bill McCollum for pushing a change to the False Claims Act, which allows private citizens to file lawsuits that contend that the government is being defrauded. The legislation did not pass but it was roundly criticized by GOP U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa at the time.


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If Skippy was AG and his office was involved in an investigation, would he release information? I think not, if so we don't need him as AG.

The most dangerous place in Tallahassee is standing between an open bar and Skip Campbell.

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