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Crist Unplugged!

Fresh off his debate with U.S. Rep. Jim Davis, Attorney General Charlie Crist barnstormed across the Panhandle on Wednesday _ making stops in Pensacola, Shalimar, Santa Rosa Beach and Panama City, an area that he called "Victory Lane" based upon the Panhandle's record of voting heavily for Republicans.

While traveling on his tour bus, Crist sat down with reporters and talked about everything from Rep. Ralph Arza to insurance. Some of the tidbits include: Crist said he "probably would" have vetoed the insurance bill passed this past spring by the Florida Legislature, which included a subsidy to Citizens Insurance to minimize the surchage it would need to charge in order to make up an operating deficit. Crist favored sending money directly to the people instead of routing it through Citizens. That bill also allows insurance companies to get small automatic rate increases without state regulatory review _ although most companies are asking for amounts far beyond what's covered in the bill.

On Arza, Crist would not say if the Miami Republican should resign, saying instead that he supported "the efforts" of Speaker Designate Marco Rubio on what should be done. "I think it's appropriate to conduct an investigation,'' Crist said.

On the issue of automatic restoration of felons voting, Crist said he is willing to consider issuing an executive order to accomplish that goal. "I would like to do it the most expedient way,'' he said.


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Crist Denies Trysts


The GOP staffer, 21-year-old Jason Wetherington, told friends at separate social functions in August that he had sex with Crist,

Wny won't the Herald investigate Crist's alleged gay liaisons? The voters need to know if it is true. We have a right to know who his partner is. The media shouldn't cover up for Crist.

Kevin Cerino

Democrats are truely starting to panic. They realize that their nominee is going down in flames, so they are pumping up the gay rumor story.

Four years ago liberals were throwing around the baseless rumor that Jeb was having an affair with Katherine Harris. And just like the Crist rumors, no one was able to produce one shred of proof.

This is another weak, shameless attempt by the Democrats.


Crist has good looking women around him when I see him. Good looking women. I have no idea what his sexual orienation is nor do I care. He keep his private business private. If Davis wants to make this an issue, I guess he can kiss South Beach, and have the Dems in South Florida goodbye.

Did I mention Good Looking Women?


leave it to the so called moral values republican party for voting for charlie, i suppose he would say i ndidnt know anything about mark foley. thanks also for giving us the house and the senate keep your heads in the sand.


That's alright. Crist is doing plenty to ruin things on his own. Is he pro-life, is he pro-choice? He's both!


That's alright. Crist is doing plenty to ruin things on his own. Is he pro-life, is he pro-choice? He's both!

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