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Democrats to walk out on Arza

The Democrats in the Florida House of Representatives are threatening a rare and politically explosive walkout from the chamber floor if Rep. Ralph Arza is not immediately removed from office for his repeated use of racial slurs and what they call his allegedly bullying behavior.

The Democrats' decision in a closed-door meeting came within hours of a move by House Speaker Allan Bense to fast-track an inquiry into Arza's taped, profanity-laced tirade, left on the cellphone of Miami Rep. Gus Barreiro late Saturday.

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Maybe they can get Robert Byrd to lead the protest, and it can be financed by Rudy Crew whose six-year contract, which, including home, car, and bonus considerations, could average almost $500,000 annually. Let the sunshine in!

8th generation

I think Arza is just overcompensating beause he wishes he were white instead of a Cuban mestizo whose ancestors in Spain spent a little too much time under the rule of dark North African camel jockeys, if you know what I mean.


I thought Darryl Jones made an astute point:
"In Tallahassee to promote early voting, Daryl Jones, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, called a South Florida lawmaker's use of a racial slur
"unfortunate" and said that incoming House Speaker Marco Rubio's request for his resignation was the "right action."

Rep. Ralph Arza, R-Hialeah, has refused to step down despite leaving an angry message on a fellow lawmaker's phone using the N-word. Rubio says he will not consider Arza, expected to be a top deputy under Rubio, for any position in the House leadership.

"The use of the N-word doesn't anger me, it makes me pity the person who doesn't have the knowledge and wherewithal to know that all of us have an opportunity to make a strong contribution," said Jones, who is black and knows Arza. "He just doesn't recognize that at this point. It's really an unfortunate position of ignorance."


I think Ralph Arza has done too many good things for our children and for our community to end his career over something like this!


Governor Jeb Bush states Rep. Arza has a problem. Rep. Arza agrees he has an alcohol and anger management problem. What I see is an ethical problem. Who is he representing when he behaves this way?

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