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Nelson ponies up

Sitting comfortably atop a 20-plus point lead in the polls, Sen. Bill Nelson said Thursday he's giving $250,000 to the Florida Democratic Party's get-out-the vote efforts.

Nelson, who has raised more than $14 million for his re-election campaign, has been criticized by some Democrats for not sharing more of the wealth.

But Nelson in a press release said the contribution brings to $2.3 million the money he's raised or given to state and national Democrats in competitive races. That includes about $1.2 million for the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and about $1.1 million raised or contributed to the state party.

Nelson said the money will benefit voter turnout efforts on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis, along with Cabinet and congressional candidates. It will also boost Nelson, who is listed first on the ballot.


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Bill Vayens

Actually Nelson is listed second on the ballot, after Katherine Harris.

In Florida, the party of the Governor is always listed first - talk about stacking the deck.

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