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Rate the debate

Just as we did last week during their first debate, we want to hear from you during and after tonight's debate between Charlie Crist and Jim Davis. Let us know if the candidates are answering the questions you want answered. Let us know what you think of their performance and whether they said anything that you agree with or disagree with. Joining the discussion will be Miami Herald reporter Gary Fineout, who like most other Floridians will be watching the debate on TV.


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the biggest abomination was crist's comment that the war in iraq has made us safer. NO ONE in their right mind believes that.


Good point, 9:19. At this point even the President is starting to admit how poorly things are going over there. I guess Crist had an old talking points memo.

Still can't get over Crist flat out lying when he said he spoke out against Schiavo intervention at the time of the controversy. Does he think no one will notice?


giving President Bush a B was a campaign ruining blunder. they talked about it being charlie's election to lose, and he just did. if i were a part of the davis camp, i would use that comment and blast it on tv commercials up through next tuesday.


I came away with the feeling that Charlie Crist thinks the system we have with Jeb Bush is a great one. There is no way he can raise 2 billion dollars without having to raise any taxes. Yes he probably wont raise personal taxes, but how about other sorts of taxes. Although Crist did not answer every question directly, he did seem to keep his cool with Linn going crazy on him. I think Jim Davis is the best chose from an educational point of view, because I do believe the FCAT has a negative effect on the school system. Teachers do not teach anymore they go through guidelines for students to pass the FCAT (which in my mind is not a difficult test) and we do have a very low graduation rates and very low SAT score average; this needs to be addressed. I am a liberal at heart but have a conservative attitude, but i believe Jim Davis won hands down.


Jeb got an A and W a B. It seems that Crist if elected will stay the course.

Eye Opener

Wow, Jim Davis was awesome! He has finally spread his wings and he is flying. We have all heard the rumors of Charlie Crist being an empty suit, but tonight we actually got to see it first hand.

Davis was the most articulate and, now, definately has my vote. The paper trail issue seemed to me purposely misunderstood and muddled by Crist. A paper trail is needed--like the old lever voting machines--identified as a vote only for recount purposes. Voters don't go away with a receipt from the machine.

Jon Hanlon

Agreed 9:48. Rich seems oblivious to that... I guess he buys the idea that smoke-and-mirrors clearly defines an issue. Crist's response and Matthews badgering on the issue was just that -- smoke and mirrors attempting to both confuse voters and throw Davis off.

Ed Johnson

It was surprising to hear Charlie describe his marital stutus when asked about gay marriage and civil unions.

Charlie seems like a nice guy, but too vague and fake, reminding me of the perpetually tanned actor George Hamilton. He doesn't seem to believe in his own positions and is too cozy with the Bushes for me.

I'm going with the Family Guy Davis who at least knows about commitment, something foreign to Crist and having kids of his own can relate to average families.

Florida doesn't deserve a Bush clone.

Paul D. Harvill

By not supporting the Republican Legislature and Governor Bush regarding the Terri Schiavo matter, THAT is taking a position. Period.

Did his office defend the statute?

I think all of us are grounded in reality enough to know that Charlie Crist is going to be our next governor, that he will be a more moderate governor than the incumbent, and that he probably will not be one of our greatest governors, but he will be an adequate governor.


No, I won't accept him as the next governor. Anti-Republican sentiment is strong, and Crist has no real plans to offer...

I'm grounded in reality and know that we need to expect more than 'adequate' in a new governor.

Ed Johnson

Paul, the soft bigotry of low expectations is not what Florida needs at this time. Surely, you and many Floridians aren't satisfied with adequate are you?

Davis seems to be less tainted by special interests, so he's got my vote.


Jim Davis won hands down. Charlie Crist seems like a nice guy, but does not have much upstairs. He is in the ozone. He is so unresponsive and has zero depth. Crist said some really damaging things, if anyone was really listening.


10:30, you are right on. I was thinking Charlie, but now am definitely going with Jim Davis.

Paul D. Harvill

Best line of the debate by a candidate about himself:

"I have taken a lot of money from a lot of people..."

--- Charlie Crist


Crist was clueless and a poodle to the rest of the Republican establishment -- I already voted and this debate only confirmed that I cast the right vote.

Charlie Creech

Davis is a clown and will lead this down a worse road. If you think it is bad now just vote for Davis and watch how bad it gets. The taxes will be higher and he will not get insurance down by 40% that is an outright LIE!! He needs to explain how other than having a focus group.

Jon Hanlon

Paul, I'm gounded in reality enough to adhere to the fact that the Governor race is supposed to be "too close to call" at this point - that's not something to concede.

I am also grounded enough in reality to see that Charlie dropped the ball tonight - dropped it enough that it could cost him the election. If you're cynical enough to think adequate or subpar is the way to go for the next four years, pray that the undecided voters decide not to cast ballots. Pray no one around the state tuned in to watch. Hope with all your might, Paul, that turnout is so suppressed because of apathy that things fall your way and you get who you want.

Me? I'm too far grounded in reality to claim an election campaign is all but won while there is no true front runner 7 days before the election, with thanks to the former front runner bumbling, stumbling and fumbling his chance to clinch things tonight.


I realize the election is close, but is it close enough that this debate will matter?


You are believing the ONE poll that says the Governor's race is too close to call?? Every other poll has Charlie up from 6 to 11% points. Davis won the debate tonight but didn't deliver a knockout punch that will help him gain ground in the week before the election. Besides, he's out of money. Charlie is sitting on another $2 million to spend if needed. That means -- race over. Charlie wins by 4-6% points.


This was a poor excuse for a real debate. The moderator was clearly more interested in showing himself off to his national cable audience than to helping inform Florida voters. At 7pm, it is doubtful that many people were watching anyway -- and others were likely to tune out because of the noise, rather than light, sought by the style of the format.


Crist is clueless. He actually had the stones to look into the camera and say crime has gone down while completely ignoring the steadily rising murder rate. He will not get my vote.

It's a shame Linn couldn't keep his cool. He just killed Crist and it was funny watching Charlie squirm.


The other day I saw Crist was leading in the polls by 4%, and I was actually considering voting for him, because I have not seen ONE!! Jim Davis commercial. He needs to go out and play dirty, this election should not even be close. Davis is the better chose hands down, but he need to have more ads, or else this election can be won by Crist easily


Wow, Crist was bad. I hadn't been able to see the other debates, but Crist was floundering; Davis was much more in control. Not as much as I would have liked, but there was no way Crist came out the victor here.

Paper trails are important, Charlie, and you obviously don't know what you're talking about there.

And I laughed out loud when he said that marriage is something *sacred* between a man and a woman, and that he lived it...back when he was still married, before he broke that apparently sacred vow. Hypocrite.

He gave the Bush brothers an A and a B? And Iraq has made us safer? That's his party over his constituents. Just one more reason why he's definitely not getting my vote.

Joe Garcia

Matthews didn’t give these guys much of a chance to regurgitate talking points, although they tried valiantly to puke them all over the stage. READ MORE...

Robert Courtney

I will be voting for Davis. I am just tired of republican wedge issues abortion,gay bashing,flag burning. It remineds me of a bar fight when the guy is out of bullets he throws the gun!!!

rich horodner

Insurance rates have skyrocketed while this Christ guy was the attorney general. He has gotten millions of dollars (over the table) from insurance companies. These are the facts.
Christ claims to have "spoken up" during the Terri Shaivo situation; yet the state of Florida filed to interfere in this very private decision.
Lies, and more lies.
It is fiction for him to claim he will bring the rates down. Or just a plain lie.

Adam Canetti

Lat night, fair-minded viewers saw the real Crist: A dim, mediocre, poorly-informed barely closeted opportunist who is quick to adapt to the demands of his party's porkchoppers and to his big-money backers. As Att. Gen. Crist had countless opportunities to go after insurance co., oil company and utility oligopoly predators, etc. Instead,he chose to play the submissive rubber stamper for the Bushites and for Bushite accomplices. It's a shame Davis doesn't have the resources to match the Crist disinformation onslaught. Davis is hands down the superior candidate...and will make a fine gov. if enough Floridian voters wake up before next Tuesday.

Tony P

Matthews came across as his typical blowhard self. The best thing about his style was how it helped completely undress Crist and expose him for what he is, a less than well-informed Bush rubber stamp. I have become more and more impressed with Davis. He is what middle class Floridians need if they want to be able to afford to live here. I loved the empty suit comment by Linn towards Crist, he nailed it.


Let the post-Jeb Bush era begin! The glow of the governor’s lame duck status and the pathetic debate performance of his heir apparent Charlie Crist is beginning to brighten the days ahead, especially for Florida’s children and their public schools. Our democracy has survived Bush’s devious plans for the class-size amendment. Good luck Governor Davis! Now get about the business of changing the FCAT.


If this was a fight they would have stopped it. Crist was clearly bloodied and beaten in last nioght's debate.

It'a all about Get Out The Vote Now.

Ask not what your state can do for you, ask what you can do for your state. The answer is help Jim Davis win!!! Help get out the vote and Jim will win.


Crist was honeslty exposed as a person who would be a very weak leader. I almost felt bad for the guy as all of the other parties involved just ganged up on him and his polished responses to every question. I feel that Crist is the repbulican version of John Kerry as he will say anything to get elected.

Get out and VOTE for JIM DAVIS!!!!!


Just like I thought, but didn't have the words of Linn 'empty suit'. I'm going to try to vote early and often for Davis :). Crist a renter not a home owner (can't relate to real people) who had ample time to stand up to the insurance companies (on a personal note raised 350% and I'm not in a flood zone) instead of having amnesia about the 5 million they contributed to his election fund. Murder not a biggie? Family business about a loved one without hope, not taking a stand (Thank G-d), but lies about it? The best was giving W a high mark, wonder how Bush would have done on the terrible TEACH the TEST FCAT?


heres one republican voting dem after that debacle by Crist


Davis! Please explain how you're going to lower insurance?

Dont just stand there and say " I will, I will" I want to hear " this is how I will".

Here's a democrat voting republican only because Charlie showed more class up there. Matthews, Linn and Davis ganged up on Charlie. That was not too professional.

Hard to pick the best joke of the night. I have to go with Charlie saying that marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman like his marriage that lasted six months.

Charlie, call Ion Sancho right away to learn about paper ballots. Do you think a recount would involve all voters returning to the polls with their little gas station receipts?

Charlie looks like he might lose votes over the FCAT. The FCAT would not be a bad thing if the teachers have been doing their job all along. Some teachers are just lazy & incompetent and the FCAT exposed that & more. Also something needs to happen in the Public School system where teachers should have more rights in the classroom not the students, those kids are out of control & rude. That way the teacher can feel free to teach not worrying about preventing lawsuits.


I watched the debate for 2 minutes and my mind was made up. Chris Matthews couldn't control Lynn, and Lynn showed up just to ARGUE with Crist. Matthews eternalized on Iraq, he asked Crist questions that he should ask Bush/Cheney, he was so busy showing off he forgot that was a state debate. Poor Davis, bless his heart, just promises too much and that is usually a bad thing.
So THANKS Matthews and Lynn! I'm voting my man Charlie. I support the troops but I want to hear something else. Iraq is old.
GO CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linn is not a serious candidate. Too dumb to be a Republican.
Too smart to be a Dem(not really a praise). He needs a political Tetzel to get him out of his lebertarian limbo. Linn's only weapon is criticism of the other guys. No real plan of his own.

Crist may not have all the answers but he'll surround himself with excellent advisers who'll fix the insurance and tax problems. This has always been his method.
Davis' record is deplorable. He does not lead. He just is.
Get someone other than that jackass Matthews to moderate. I'll bet he went home and edited the three candidates out so he could listen to and watch himself.

Jackie Mist

FCAT: With so much emphasis on FCAT, schools are now teaching how to excel in this test and only FCAT. Science, Technology, Vocational subjects doesn't matter any more. Moreover, in order for a school to be an "A" school, all they have to do is help the bottom most students to improve their grades. No incentive for teachers/administrators to help "A" students to excel in their educational needs.
On taxes, it is no-brainer to cut taxes, but it takes a lot of guts and explaination to raise taxes. At Federal level, what we have got for saving $600 or so on our income tax, when we and our kids will pay $65 Trillion just for the consequences for the unjust war. Medical drug benefits are for Pharma companies and 45 million employed workers can't afford the medical (Insurance premium, 90% of America can't afford medical cost). At local level, cost of owning a home has gone over the roof. Seniors with paid off homes, and renters will face it soon. It is not a broken government, it is simply drunk, immoral republicans every where. 30 to 35% solid republicans in this country are the most self centered with no clue on globalization and responsiblity that comes with the power we have. Faith based system, problems in churches have shown that the religion has failed to promote themselves and got sold to the petty gifts and representation in the public offices.
Who are these politician to promise us lower taxes, rebates, incentives from our own money. Take the government out of everything. Let them work on major policy issues and watchdogs only.
Vote sensibly.


Definitely a low point in Florida politics...Chris Matthews was a disaster, more concerned about his agenda than moderating a fair debate. Linn was a big cry baby who was finally let out to play with the "big boys" and did know what to do or say. Jim Davis was just "whiney" -- I'm going to tell the insurance companies no-no-no! What a weenie! And Charlie just never left the gate. I want to know what these guys are going to do about sky rocketing property taxes, out of control homeowners insurance, sales tax, infrastructure and the unending, money sucking illegal alien problem. This is a state election. I do not care what any of them think of the Bushes - who are both lame ducks! I am concerned about Chavez's possibile involvement with voting machines in the US...and I care about Florida. I believe Charlie is the better choice.


The Debate was a DISASTER for "poor Charlie"! All he could do was stand there and sweat his butt off, worried that Linn was gonna "OUT" him big time on National TV like he has over the past two weeks on Radio all over Florida...and it showed in his NONanswers!. Jim Davis showed that he is EXACTLY what this State needs in it's next Governor....a Man that will Stand Up, Show Up and LEAD!

GO GOVERNOR DAVIS, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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