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Crist names Kise as legal advisor

Incoming Gov. Charlie Crist has created a new post for his former solicitor general, Chris Kise: "Counsellor to the Governor." As the news release states, "Kise will serve as senior advisor to the Governor on legal and policy matters and assist in implementation of the Governor's agenda.''Chris_kise

You know this is a big deal because the administration is giving this haughty title the British spelling, with two "ll''s, rather than traditional "counselor.'' Kise is currently serving as Crist's deputy transition director and is a partner in the Foley & Lardner law firm. As solicitor general under Crist, Kise argued three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He successfully defended the state against the constitutional challenges to Florida's voting precinct requirements, the Sexual Predator Act and he represented the attorney general's office in the school voucher case.


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Let me see, bow tie, haughty British pretension, and a partner at the Foley law firm... hmmmm....

Word's out the boys at Southern Strategy are working hard to push their buddies for agency head positions. Guaranteed field day for press on blatant connections that don't pass the smell test. Let's hope allowing SSG to handpick the executive branch is one Jeb legacy the Crist team doesn't continue

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