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Rubio knocked off stride by Arza, next injures knee

Incoming House Speaker Marco Rubio's months-long preparation to assume control of the state House has been hit hard in the last two weeks by the firestorm that erupted when one of his chief deputies, Hialeah Rep. Ralph Arza, admitted to leaving racially-charged voice mail messages for Miami Beach state Rep. Gus Barreiro. Last weekend, Rubio was hurt again -- this time in a flag football game and he's headed for surgery. The tear in his left ACL, the anterior cruciate ligament that stablizes the thighbone to the shinbone, will require surgery and lengthy rehabilitation.

"Worst of all, it keeps me off the flag football field for at least 9 months,'' Rubio said. "Luckily I have a great doctor (John Zvijac) who is the team doctor for the Tampa Bay Buc's." Zvijac is a Coral Gables orthopedic surgeon.

Watch the Herald for further development in the Arza case today as he and Barreiro are scheduled to testify before the ad hoc group of House members investigating Arza's phone calls, as well as three threatening calls also made to Barriero by Arza's cousin. The Miami Dade state attorney's office is also investigating and developments are expected on that front as well.