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Rubio releases preview of 100 Ideas, heads to Washington

The House's triumvarate of leadership, incoming House Speaker Marco Rubio, Reps. Ray Sansom and Dean Cannon, unveiled the first fifth of their 100 Ideas Wednesday, calling them the stuff of water cooler and dinner table conversations. The trio then headed straight to Washington, D.C., where they will discuss their 100 Ideas initiative at the annual post-election meeting of GOPAC, the Newt Gingrich-supported Republican organization dedicated to electing GOP leaders in state and local  offices.

They also will appear today on a GOPAC panel to discuss the new idea that could have the most immediate national impact: shifting Florida's 2008 presidential primary to immediately follow New Hampshire's, placing Florida in pivotal place of helping to designate the next presidential contenders. The idea is that while Florida's primary may follow New Hampshire and occur simultaneously with other early primaries, the state's early voters could give Florida a head start and attract candidates to campaign here.


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I don't think my suggestion to NOT select a House Speaker 6 or 8 years in advance among Freshman legislator who haven't served their first term made it as one of the top 100...

bruce clements

Marco Rubio for GOVERNOR!!

Marco Rubio is the only lawmaker that cares about the homestead homeowner and a FAIR property tax system!

The rest of the lawmakers are only interested in what the "lobby people" have offered them in return for keeping taxes high for the homeowners.

I am a senior citizen that lost a home during hurricane Ivan. I built a replacement home in Hillsborough County and now am faced with $10,000 property tax bill after being a resident of Florida for 35 years and only having a primary home.

Those other young lawmakers and Senators don't give a hoot about seniors on a fixed income. We can't work till we die; no one will hire us, yet we are suppose to either move to a double-wide to survive or move out of state where most states EXEMPT senior citizens from property taxes.

I am fed up with County Taxes and their special projects that EAT AWAY the TAX PILE until it'e gone; then these County politicians just raise the taxes to build up their spending money. Politians DON"T CARE about whose money that they are spending.

...And as long as the Mayor of Tampa is drawing close to $200,000 and the School Superintendent in drawing $250,000; they sure don't care---these people are leeches of the system, that feed off of the HOMEOWNERS.

So, I say Marco Rubio for Governor; it's obvious that our NEW GOVERNOR doesn't care either--the insurance deal sucks and so will the property tax relief.

What a SNOW JOB!!!!

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