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Butterworth supports gay adoption

Bob Butterworth, the former Democratic attorney general tapped by incoming Republican Gov. Charlie Crist to be Florida's child-welfare chief, said today on Jim Defede's radio show that he's a supporter of limited adoptions by gay couples.

Butterworth, reiterating the comments with the Miami Herald later, said a judge should decide the fitness adoptive parents. He said he has not discussed the matter with Crist, who has said he supports the current law in Florida, one of the only states to ban gay adoption. Crist had previously said that he had no opinion on the matter.

"This is just my personal belief," Butterworth later told the Herald. "I'm not going to testify about this to a committee, I'm not pushing to overturn the law."

Butterworth, saying family-court judges are some of the best and most dedicated people, said he held this opinion opposing gay adoption while he was attorney general, a post he held until term limits forced him out in 2002.


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Kevin Cerino

Until the Republican controlled legislature decides to change the law, Mr. Butterworth's opinion on this matter irrelevent.

Gays can't have kids naturally and kids should not be relegated to having unnatural parents. Its a shame that gays are so self-centered they have no concern whatever for the impact their perverted life-style and "parenting" would have on kids. Just how long does the average gay "relationship" last anyway - i'm sure it isn't a life-time commitment in the vast majority of cases. Big suprise that Crist puts this guy as head of DCF - what a mistake for already abused kids to be used as pawns and who knows what else. Too bad that what is best for the kids is also irrelevant.


I'm glad that Governor Crist opposes repealing the ban on gay adoption in the State of Florida. It's an emblem of Florida's conservatism and serves the state well, no matter what anyone else says. Even if there is a problem with the adoption system, throwing kids to the wolves is never the answer.

nicole brown

I hate that people want to put a ban on gay adoption! Right they can't have kids, but they cannot help who they fall in love with. Children would rather have a family who cares no matter who it is than be in a foster home. Homosexuals can give as much love as any other heterosexual couple! I think that is wrong to put a complete ban on gay adoption!

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