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Crist to recommend replacing vote machines for paper trail

Gov. Charlie Crist has is prepared to end the argument over whether Florida voters should be entitled to a paper trail of their votes. He will recommend on Thursday that the state pay to have 15 counties replace their touchscreen voting machines with optical scan machines now used by the remaining 32 counties. The cost: an estimated $30 million to $32 million across the state. More here.


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What is the name of the former Sec. of State who lobbied the counties to buy these faulty machines and then made millions on commissions?


Well that's the best news out of Tallahassee in I don't know how long. I wonder how long it will take to implement. We needed it in the last election. Enough foolishness allready.


The optical scan machines are the best thing going!

Eduardo Perez

The people involved in selecting and approoving this voting system must be dismissed from any government post and deeply investigated for purchasing such an evidently insecure system. Any IT profesional would have rejected such a system right of the bat. Was someone convinced with $$$$ instead of quality??

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