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Crist's Miami peeps sign with McCain

U.S. Sen. John McCain has tapped Gov. Charlie Crist's campaign coordinators in South Florida to lay the groundwork for his presidential campaign in the state.

Carlos Curbelo and Danny Lopez are the managing partners of a Coral Gables-based political consulting firm shrewdly named Capitol Gains. They helped Crist gain Florida's capitol; now they are going to help McCain take the nation's. The two also have also worked for U.S. Reps. Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart.

Curbelo and Lopez, who are both Cuban-American, will be working with Spanish-language media, introducing McCain to local political leaders, and organizing campaign events.

"Sen. McCain's vast experience on foreign policy matters, his commitment to fiscal responsibility, and his conservative record making him the strongest candidate for president of the United States,'' Lopez said.


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Curbelo and Lopez are very savy political operators... they will give Romney and co. a run for their money in South Florida

Who the hell is this "Lamb" character? He sounds like a brilliant political mind!

It's good to see that McCain is taking the Cuban American vote seriously: none of the other campaigns have a South Florida presence yet... Go McCain!

Curbelo and Danny are great guys...go get em!!!

Jose F.

Congrats guys, way to snag the big fish. You will do a great job.

Good choice. McCain is the only viable candidate for the Republican Party.




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