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GOP chairwoman refuses to ride off quietly into the sunset

Gov. Charlie Crist is still facing an mini-rebellion from the outgoing state chairwoman of his own party.

After his election in November, Crist tapped Jim Greer, a businessman and Oviedo city councilman who ran the governor's campaign in Central Florida, to serve as chairman of Republican Party of Florida. The current chairwoman, Carole Jean Jordan, was asked to endorse him.

Instead, she sent out a letter to Republican leaders touting her own  accomplishments. And this week, a former party staffer is making calls on her behalf to try to line up support before Saturday's party election in Orlando.

The former staffer, Rhyan Metzler, worked as political director for U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris. In what was probably not a coincidence, he left the campaign the same day that she blamed an Orlando rally's sparse turnout on a last-minute change in location, allegedly because a tree fell on the airport hangar originally chosen. The tree alibi was later retracted.


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Frank Casey

Very interesting

He had a better shot with Katherine...


She is like the wicked witch of the east she will not go away until you pour water on her. The only people and counties who are supporting CJJ are Carol Carter, AJ Matthew, Al Austin, David Stork, Greg, Anne Voss, April Schiff and the whole HREC(Hillsborough),Duval County Mike Hightower , Deno Hicks, Faye Rustin, Duval County REC, Collier County Carla Dean, Al Abrahams, Gina Hahn, Collier County REC, Miami-Dade Rep. David Rivera, Fran Hancock Palm Beach County, Broward County Sharon Day, Christina Sheppard Calhoun County, Washington Joel and Shirley Pate. This handful of people are causing all of this for what CJJ.


Let's see, Carol Jean presided over two successful general elections where the GOP carried Florida for the President and Governor. That's a darn good reason to want to replace her! Who is calling the shots, Hillary?


LoyaltyMatters... you call the last election successful? We lost seats in both the Florida House and Senate and got creamed in the US House. Crist did win, but in spite of CJJ not because of her. She worked against him every step of the way. With friends like CJJ... well, you know the adage!

I so don't believe all of those people support CJJ.

CJJ won't be able to raise money (she never has) and won't be able to attract decent staff.

She's done.

It's lights out at the party if Jordan is re-elected. I can't imagine the RECs would buck the new governor just because they don't like the way Greer was selected.

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