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"Lizard brains" and stun guns

In cleaning out the ole digital recordings from last week, we came across this gem from Sen. Mandy Dawson, D-Fort Lauderdale, who said during a Criminal Justice Committee debate about using stun guns on kids that it was a mistake:

"To not address the fact that these are children, little children, still, with a lizard brain. You know that... little children," she smiled as her fellow senators smiled with her, "with a lizard brain..."

Despite the herpetological plea Wednesday, the rest of the committee decided to hold off on any more regulations and to let a stun gun-related law, passed last year, take full effect.

The legislative interest grew after police in 2004 shocked a 6-year-old boy with a 50,000-volt stun gun allegedly to keep him from hurting himself with a piece of glass he was waving around in a school office. Download Taser.doc


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She meant the reptilian brain which, admittedly does not sound better. What she was trying to say efficiently is that children run mostly on instinct and do not have the intellectual stuff to avoid danger and keep themselves out of trouble. Feeling indestructible is one symptom of that. Because of this she felt tasing a 6 year old is bad form. I'd have to agree with her that kids aren't old enough to understand what they are getting in to when they are treatening someone with a taser. I wonder about the 'harmlessness' of taser use on children. I am afraid we might be permanently changing them or create a dead kid. There is no way to know, by looking which kid has a weak heart for example. I think it would be wiser to find another way to deal with small out of control children for that reason, most of all. Lizard brain, irregardless.

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yeah!!!! its really not good for children to have it b'coz they dont have enough effort to depend themselves if something wrong occur.......

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