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Monday morning quarterbacking on Miami-Dade strong mayor

African-Americans voted overwhelmingly against it. Hispanics supported it. Anglo voters were divided.

That's the post-election analysis of the Miami-Dade strong mayor referendum by Dario Moreno, director of The Metropolitan Center at Florida International University.

About 78 percent of Hispanic voters, 57 percent of Anglo voters and only 8 percent of African-American voters said yes to Mayor Carlos Alvarez's proposal.

The four black county commissioners ran a vigorous campaign against the measure, arguing that it would diminish their community's voice. It worked. Those four commission districts were the only areas that voted down the referendum.

A Miami Herald analysis showed that heavily Democratic precincts strongly opposed the measure boosting the Republican mayor, while majority Republican precincts favored it.

Another interesting factoid: early and absentee voters favored the referendum, while the Election Day vote was split. Had the county commissioners gotten their act together earlier, they might have prevailed.


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I just can't believe they couldn't defeat this. I was on the fence on the issue, and would have liked to see a good campaign.

What we got was amateur hour from the county commission and unions. No message, no organization, no nothing.


Mayor Alvarez is underestimated again.

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