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RPOF musical chairs

The music at last night's Republican Party of Florida reception in Orlando said it all.

When Gov. Charlie Crist walked into the ballroom, he was immediately greeted by his handpicked new party chairman, Jim Greer. The song playing at that moment: Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man.''

Meanwhile, supporters of the current chairwoman, Carole Jean Jordan, were quietly trying to line up support for her re-election. When Greer took the stage to sing with the band, he belted out Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds.''

Read more about Greer here.


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who is the former staffer lining up support for CJ?

Greer's spectacle last night was absolutely embarrassing and tacky. Out with the old, in with the new money.

it is a brand new era in Florida -- and politically, it is a refreshing thing to behold. Thanks to Governor Crist's nearly unprecedented modern bipartisan approach to governing, the positive shock waves seem to possibly be ushering in a period of cooperation, rather than conflict; cordiality, rather than cutthroat-style politics.

CJJ was an old-school demagogue, who followed the national party line in everything she did. Charlie Crist bucked the national agenda and trends of the GOP to chart his own course for Florida. He was visionary to do so -- because the GOP suffered massive losses across the country -- but not here in Florida, with Crist the leading reason. So, for the GOP and Democrats, the smart move is a bold and upbeat new direction.

Greer is a giant step in that direction. And the Dems already have signalled a gladness and willingness to work with Gov. Crist and their cross-aisle counterparts in the Legislature to achieve things for the people.

Hey -- this is Florida, not Utopia....but you can bet that this bellwether state's new direction could begin a national trend, instead of following one.

And, the sweetest thing of all? The people actually stand to win.

Lastly, politically, Charlie Crist will be a lock to be viewed nationally as a choice pick for any GOP presidential aspirant in 2008 for VeeP running mate. He will smartly allow himself to be courted and firted with -- but respectfully decline the opportunity (as he should). He will govern Florida as a powerful statesman with national clout -- and, you heard it here first, will be the GOP's best and brightest choice for President in 2012.

Charlie Crist for President 2012 -- is a battle cry that will lure Dems from Florida and elsewhere, to join a bandwagon for the same kind of new era in America that Charlie Crist has so wonderfully initiated here at hom

rhyan metzler was the one campaigning for her

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