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Campaign for Broward GOP chairman is on

In the running for chairman of the Broward Republican Party: Chip LaMarca and Levi Williams.

Chairman Shane Strum has stepped down to serve as deputy secretary for the Department of Management Services. The election will be Feb. 26.

If elected, Williams would be the local party's first black chairman. The Fort Lauderdale attorney was one of the leaders in a lawsuit against the Broward County public schools that argued that minority children had been relegated to inferior schools. He has served as general counsel to the local party and as chairman of the Broward County Board of Trustees. He was an outspoken supporter of Gov. Charlie Crist during his recent campaign.

So was LaMarca, who made the controversial motion for the local party to endorse Crist over Tom Gallagher during the GOP primary. He was elected to the Lighthouse Point City Commission two years ago.

"It should be a very sprited process,'' Williams said. "The local party will be well off no matter which way it goes."


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We are proud to be endorsed by:

Sharon Day, National & State Committeewoman
Ed Kennedy, State Committeeman
Marybeth Helkowski, Club Presidents Council Chair
Kevin Tynan, Former BREC Chairman
Rick Stark, BREC Treasurer
Commissioner Michael Long
Representrative Bob Shelley
Todd Goberville, President FFYR
Todd Brown, President BCYR
Robert Bernstein, Republican HQ
Bob Wolfe, Jr.
Joe Helkowski
Lisa Davis
Ed Davis
Rhonda Eaton
Robert Shepherd
Roberta Shepherd
Constant Galus
Carmela Morris
Margaret Galus
Ryan Campbell
Eileen LaMarca
Christopher Pizzo
Bill Santore
Ken Haiko
Paula Haiko
Matt Destry
Laura Destry
Rebecca Stoll
Steven Stoll
Carol Wadrop
Dennis Myers
Roberrt Furman
Adolfo Jimenez
Shirley Hopkins
Fred Avalos
Elaine Salon
Sandra Baumann
Dr. Luis Orta
Linda Reiter
Jon Hage
Sherry Hage
Frank Bonuso
Randy Goodman
Barbara Stern
Eugene Schaltenbrand
Barbara Schaltenbrand
Harry Marvin
John Stevens
Randy Goin
Michael DeGruccio
Tom Wheeler
Karen Wheeler
Joe Cobo
Rocky Rodriguez
Phyllis Rodriguez
Jay Hurley
Chris Coyne
Kim Stevens
Jeffery Dwyer
Joe Kaufman
Loretta Coyne
Blake Harmon
Al Massey
Diane Massey
Daniel Ruoss
Christine Rome
Randolph Rome
Ana Alexopoulos
Bea Williams
Jim Williams
John Malcolm
Leesa Burgess
David Maymon
Robert Eicholz
Nancy Eicholz
Shane Olshansky
Myra Olshansky
Dan Smith
Judy Smith
Stanley Goldstein
Klara Goldstein
Jim Rigney
Carol Rigney
Rosaline Marvin
Fay Swalley
Robert Nobile
Bob Orenstein
Elisa Rzymski
Jack McIntyre
Karen Ann Crissy
Daniel Gonzalez
Debbie Gonzalez
Mark McCarthy
Pamela Spears
Donald Green
Sandra Doyle
Harris Klein
Shirley Klein
Henry Lippe
Santina Lippe


Chip and Cindy are going to make a fantastic team when they become Chair and Vice-Chair.

Chip "Landslide" Lamarca will be a fantastic spokesman and organizer for the party, and Cindy Guerra is one of the hardest workers the BREC has. With their leadership, I can't wait to see how successful we will be in 2008.

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