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Giuliani hires former Bush campaign manager

Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani is getting into the game in Florida. Karen Unger, campaign manager for Gov. Jeb Bush in 2002, will be a top advisor.

Giuliani's campaign has been quiet in Florida until his visit to Delray Beach yesterday, while rival  Mitt Romney has been acting like he's running for governor. Yesterday, he released the names of 77 members of his Florida finance team. South Florida supporters include Jorge Arrizurietta, Anthony Burns, Al Cardenas, Sergio Pino, Wayne Rosen, Stanley Tate and Ray Velazquez.

For a guy with single-digit poll numbers, Romney has made strong inroads into Bush's political network. McCain has also tapped in, as Florida lawmakers prepare to move up the presidential primary to late January.

"Florida is on the verge of becoming an even bigger player on the 2008 political landscape,'' said former Bush aide Cory Tilley, who is advising McCain. "You will see Sen. McCain in Florida often over the next year.''

All three Republican candidates have visited Florida in the past week. To read about Giuliani's visit on Thursday, click here.