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New Highway Safety director up for vote Tuesday

Gov. Charlie Crist will ask Tuesday morning that his fellow members of the Florida Cabinet vote to name Electra Bustle, assistant commissioner at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, to replace Fred Dickinson, the long-time chief of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Dickinson announced two weeks ago that he was stepping down from the agency that he has led since 1992. Since the agency reports to both the governor and Cabinet, the selection of Bustle must be approved by Cabinet members as well.


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Tom Berlinger

Electra Bustle is a great choice for Executive Director of DHSMV, but she will be sorely missed at FDLE. She is always full of new ideas, and she is one of the brightest public managers I've ever had the pleasure to work with and for in my entire career. Electra will prove to be a great asset in her new position. Congratulations and sincere best wishes!

Scott Leach

Her first order of business should be to replace Col. Christopher Knight of the FHP. He has cost the state of Florida thousands upon thousands of tax dollars in lawsuits, lawyers' fees and plaintiff awards stemming from his high-handed, arrogant "reign". Let the "clean-sweep" trickle on down! With good people like Crist and Bustle now in place, surely more rotten wood can be expunged from the state payroll.

Lisa Vaught

The above posted commentor has no brain. Col. Knight was and will be the best Col. this state ever had. As for Elecrea Bustle and Crist..The thousands of supporters COl. Chris Knight has speaks for itself. They themselves have opened up a huge can of worms that relly smell. Obviously you open your mouth before you think!

L. Vaught

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