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Rubio: working-class lives off "leftover money"

House Speaker Marco Rubio, who has three houses and makes $300,000 from a law firm, appeared on Jim DeFede's radio show this morning as a self-described "working class"  fulfillment of the American Dream, which will be more attainable through his tax plan to limit government spending and eliminate property taxes on homesteaded land in favor of hiking the sales tax by 2.5 cents per dollar.

The following comment from Rubio bothered some listeners who thought the Coral Gables Republican was being a bit elitist:

"I think I can speak as an authority on this because not only am I working class but, quite frankly, I was raised in a working class-family my entire life. My dad was a bartender. My mom was a casino maid. I was raised on other people’s leftover money. That’s how I look at it, ok. They spent their money they spent it in the places where my parents worked. And I’m telling you that this property tax cut will create $6 billion in disposable income. And what that means in real terms is that people who now mow their own lawns will hire someone to do it. And that helps the working class. People who now maintain their own pools, will hire someone to do it. People who now go do their own nails once a month will go do it once a week. And that helps the working class. Disposable income is what the working class lives off of. The working class are not doctors; they’re not lawyers; they’re not law professors; they’re not businesses; they’re not any of the CEOs of companies. They depend on other people’s leftover money. That’s what the working class lives off of. And the more disposable income there (is), the faster the working class can join, can grow into the ranks of homeownership, can send their kids to college, etc. I know. I was raised on disposable income."