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U.S. Chamber gives Florida 'D' in education

he U.S. Chamber of Commerce just released its "Leaders and Laggards" report card on the state of education in each state and gives Florida a "D" in academic achievement and workforce readiness. Florida gets an "A" however, in other important categories: "Academic Achievement in Low Income  and Minority Students," "21st Century Teaching Force" and in collecting data on student readiness.

The report also gives Florida low grades for "Truth in Advertising about Student Proficiency" and "Rigor of Standards," ranking it a C in both areas. For the full report, click here. For the Florida data, turn to page 20.


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I think the title of this post is misleading since the "D" was in only two categories out of nine.


I agree with the posting above. In addition, I would note that all of the standards in Florida are currently under review with reading and language arts just having been completed and math/science coming soon.

The biggest note from my first review of the report is that Florida gets an "A" in return on investment. This suggests that if we spent anywhere NEAR the national average for our public schools per student that we would be far above a "D" in student performance. In other words, "Show me the money!"

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