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Wilson wants phrase 'illegal aliens' banned

Sen. Frederica Wilson, a Miami Democrat, filed a bill two days ago that would ban the state's use of the word "alien" when referring to illegal immigrants - and she's already fielding calls from critics. For the full story, click here.


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This woman is truly unamerican! She loves criminals, apparently.

"An alien to me is someone from out of space." From "out of space" huh, probably a misquote but whatever. I wonder if she refers to the individual who robbed her last year as a non-compensating consumer instead of thief. With 300 million people America is enough of a melting pot. More and more of the people coming into this country leaving a bad situation other than looking for a new opportunity. I would rather my tax dollars be spent to help my society, rather than rejects from another one. And to all of you that say that these immigrants pay tax dollars and contribute, the average immigrant farm worker makes 15k a year with 2.5 children causing the state 7.5k a piece. AND SENATOR, THEY ARE STILL BREAKING THE LAW!!!

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