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Bill: 24-hour wait on abortions

A Florida Legislature council took up Tuesday one of the most divisive issues in America: abortion.

In a partisan vote, a House Healthcare Council voted to approve a proposed law that would require all women who seek an abortion to wait 24 hours after visiting a clinic before opting for the procedure. The bill also addresses concerns and makes changes to a parental-notification law passed in 2005.

Pro-choice advocates and some Democrats saw the wait time as a slap in the face to women.

But bill sponsor state Rep. Trey Traviesa, a Tampa Republican, said it would give women the chance to step back and reflect on a "momentous" decision - before it's too late.

If the bill makes it to Gov. Charlie Crist's desk, it could force the centrist governor to clarify his often-muddy position on abortion - which social conservatives made a big fuss about on the campaign trail.

As a senator, Crist voted with Democrats to kill a 24-hour wait time bill. But he would hard-pressed to shoot down a parental-notification law.

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