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House Republicans vote against paper trail

House Republicans on the Policy and Budget Council voted down two amendments this morning that would have set aside money to create a paper trail for touchscreen voting machines, including one amendment that would put up $32.9 million for the job, which is enough money to replace touchscreen machines with optical scan ones.

The vote was a straight party line vote, with House Democrats siding with Republican Gov. Charlie Crist on replacing the voting machines, while House Republicans were unified in their opposition. Those Republicans voting against the amendment included those who represent Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Miami-Dade has had problems with its touchscreen machines in recent elections. Rep. David Rivera, a Miami Republican, said he doesn't trust touchscreen machines and he always votes by absentee. But he and other Republicans said it was unfair to "punish" those counties that bought optical scan machines, while others bought touchscreen machines.

Rep. Ron Saunders, a Key West Democrat, replied that he didn't care about the counties but the voters. "Just because the counties screwed up and got the wrong machines doesn't mean I want to punish voters,'' said Saunders.

Rep. Dennis Baxley said the issue was more about perception than reality, then he suggested those pushing the issue were upset about who has won elections in Florida, a veiled reference to the contested 13th Congressional District race that is still the subject of a challenge by Democrat Christine Jennings.

"The fact is that some people don't like the outcome of elections so they question the integrity of these elections,'' said Baxley.


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The integrity of our elections is currently suspect. I'm not insinuating that there is a conspiracy here, but that having a paper trail is logical. Americans have lost there lives to defend our right to vote; thus, having proper elections and ensuring that every vote is counted is essential.

I think we should all be skeptical of any politician who fights this hard to avoid a paper trail. Even our current Secretary of State, Kurt Browning, said "If you want a receipt go to Walmart."


12:52 you are wrong I think.
I can't believe Secretary of State Kurt Browning would say that, he is promoting the paper ballots and ballot on demand as the way to go. I saw him in a tv news clip Thursday night and read it in several papers today. He supports paper ballots.


Forget paper ballots.

This is just a case of "sore losers" wanting to justify their loss..

That Senate race in Sarasota was the UGLIEST MOST VICIOUS campaign imaginable. (It is the next county over so it was on our channels ). I would not have voted for either of them!!....Of course there were many many thousands of undervotes.... From the campaigns they run, morally and ethically most people could not have cast a vote for EITHER !!!

One other thing, folks, WHO do you think is going to PAY for this unnecessary paper trail - THE (PROPERTY) TAX PAYER!!!! I, for one, am not giving any more of my money for voting machines ...

And you know what? When another sore loser comes along, a "paper trail" will not be enough THEN..!!! We'll have to go to some other "indisputable" form of "counting every vote"!!!!....

Maybe we'll have to tattoo our vote on our arms then "run" to the Supervisor of Elections after every dispute and have our arms counted !!!

Gimme a break !!!

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