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Prop tax: Mayors say don't rush, how about freeze?

No surprise mayors from across the state don't like the property tax proposals making their way through the Florida House. They complained  at a press conference today that the "one-size-fits-all" approach being used by House leaders won't work. They don't have any better ideas, however, except to say: slow down.

One idea says Sweetwater Mayor Manny Marono: "freeze property taxes and then come up with a comprehensive plan.'' He echoed the concern of many members in the League of Mayors who believes the House is rushing to a resolution without a true understanding of the impact. "As a taxpayer, I would have been relieved,'' he said. "Stop the bleeding and then try to work on the best solution."

House leaders, however, are rejecting any suggestion to hold off on massive reform this year, which also appears to be an approach being considered by Senate leaders.

"We have to do responsible prop tax reform, not some commisison,'' said Rep. Ray Sansom, the Destin Republican who is handling the issue in the House. His reference to "some commission" is the Tax and Budget Reform Commission, the constitutionally required panel which is authorized to review the state's tax system and recommend changes every 20 years.