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Elections train steams to House

The Florida Senate this morning voted 37-2 for a comprehensive elections bill, or a "train" as it is called in Tallahassee lingo. The bill contains nearly $28 million to replace touchscreen machines in 15 counties, including Miami-Dade and Broward and it also moves the date of Florida's presidential primary to Jan. 29.

But Florida senators added one more twist to the bill: Anyone who runs for federal office, whether Congress, U.S. Senate, or President, would not have to give up their current elected position. The amendment was sponsored by Sen. Charlie Justice, a St. Petersburg Democrat. Justice was opposed to a similar proposal offered a day earlier that would exempted anyone from the resign-to-run law if they wanted to run for president and vice president. Justice said it was fairer to exempt anyone who wanted to run for any federal office.


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