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Hillary's new rap

Hill Hill Hill Hillary
And her presidential artillery
Were in the house Saturday night,
At least $1,000 per invite.
Chris Korge and rapper Timbaland
Were the hosts, I understand
They raised $900,000 and more
With Palm Beach and Orlando - a $1.3 million score!


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The Legal Beagle

(AFD WIRE): Washington, D.C.: Reports from inside the belchway indicate something fishy going on in The Nation's capital at the correspondents dinner with the press. If you tried the salmon at the correspondent's dinner, a great liklihood exists you have entered the toilet zone. Food poisoning from unclean Brittany Spears fans who were preparing the meals on the cheap.

The rappers at the fundraiser for Hillary are also reported to be involved. Ice Cube has strongly criticized the Herald for possibly writing the worst rap parody of all time.

In other news, Iran has voted to become part of a global democracy and become The Fifty-First State of our Great Nation. Bush allegedly pardons Libby, but blames his quote, "Pardon Libby," on some bad wind he had while dining with him in the Big House on the same food from the correspondance dinner.



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