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No-pick Quinn befuddles Rubio

For once, Marco Rubio, the speaker of the House, sat speechless. Not a word. Not a peep. Nada.

He simply buried his face in his hands, raising it to stare bewilderedly at the flat screen pinned to his office wall. Sitting near him was Gov. Charlie Crist, who didn't say much more.

No, they weren't talk property taxes. Or insurance. Or, for that matter, anything but football, as they watched the 2007 NFL Draft.

What stunned them? To the amazement of Rubio, the quarterback-needy, or better said quarterback-desperate Miami Dolphins had just passed on Notre Dame's hot-shot Brady Quinn.

A ninth pick in the first round. A shot at a quarterback. A given. So it seemed that Quinn looked surprised when the Dolphins passed. They instead chose Ohio State's Ted Ginn, a wide receiver.

Minutes earlier, Rubio had proclaimed it "the Brady Quinn era in Miami" and joked that "if we can get a quarterback and tax cuts this week, that's great." Now, he said nothing. There was nothing to say except "I can't believe it." So Crist, just moments after, hugged him and said goodbye.

As he walked away, Rubio said: "You can't do anything without the ball. Who's going to get him the ball?"