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Slots for Marlins?

Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller said in each of the series of meetings he's had with House and Senate leadership two things have popped up: Marlins and Slots.

House leadership - mostly Rep. David Rivera of Miami - wants money to help build the Florida Marlins a stadium. Senate leadership won't even hear the proposed bill. Geller could make that happen.

Senate leadership - primarily Geller - wants gaming expansion that would allow so-called video lottery terminals at 25 parimutuels in the state. House hasn't been keen on it. Rivera could change that.

Could there be a trade? Possibly.

Geller said this morning that it sure would make the Marlins bill - a $2 million a year hit to the state's budget -  "easier to stomach" if the state stands to make $1 billion extra from gaming.

"It's certainly possible you might see Marlins. It's certainly possibly you might see a VLTs," Geller said, only half denying there's "specific" trading going on.

Last week, after the Marlins bill passed the House floor, Geller was asked the whether he would trade Marlins for VLTs. He responded: "It's possible."

Rivera says he would be "appreciative" of Geller pushing the Marlins, if the House helps push his VLTs, adding that House Speaker Marco Rubio would never agree to a "trade."


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Why is a Republican majority listening to Geller????? He has been a schill for the gambling industry. The VLT bill will guarantee one thing: no revenue sharing for the state from Indian gaming unless the tribal casinos also get blackjack, roulette, and other table games. This is what Geller really is after.

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