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Crist's new girlfriend

Gov. Charlie Crist dodged yet another question this afternoon about his relationship with former South Carolina beauty queen and Hottest Mom in America contestant Kelly Heyniger with the help of one South Florida senator.

"She's a wonderful friend, and a dear person," said Crist, when a South Florida television reporter asked him about Heyniger after a bill signing in Hollywood.

"I'm your girlfriend!" state Sen. Larcenia Bullard interjected.

"Larcenia's my girlfriend," agreed Crist, throwing his left arm around the Miami Democrat for the rest of the interview.


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Larcenia Bullard?? Guess her husband Rep Ed Bullard must have been thrilled to hear that.
That is one nasty image I will have to get over>

i heard she was still waiting for her date to General Revenue.

Girlfriend? Oh ya.

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