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Dems want Crist to add auto insurance to June session

House Democrats don't want to see the state's no-fault insurance protection for drivers expire and are now appealing to Gov. Charlie Crist to add it to the special session agenda. Full story here.

Here's a copy of the Democratic Leader Dan Gelber's letter to the governor: Download crist_letter_re_pip_special_session.doc 


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Raymond Ruszkowski

Thank You Representative Gelber! Finally, a responsible politician steps forward to serve his constituents; best interests. I hope Gov. Crist listens.


Forget about auto insurance...

If other topics other than property taxes are added, this will dilute the attention needed to resolve the crisis of property taxes...

All property taxes, all day...

Forget about any other topics

Raymond Ruszkowski

Steve you apparently want an uninsured driver to hit you and you will feel real good when all you have is collision with a $2,000.00 deductible. Get real man...you are a pawn for big insurance. They can come up with an agreement before special session and just take the 30 seconds necessary to vote on it. Get informed on the how the process works..you have no clue about anything related to no-fault and the ramifications of its absence without a plan in place.

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