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Billion dollar shortfall could lead to budget cuts

Less than two months after state lawmakers passed a new budget, Gov. Charlie Crist, and maybe even the Legislature may be forced to cut it. Tax collections have consistently fallen beneath projections with analysts now predicting the shortfall for this fiscal year _ which ends on Saturday _ and next fiscal year will be $1.2 billion.

Crist's office and legislative leaders have already discussed the prospect of ordering state agencies to trim spending in the new $71 billion budget that takes effect on Sunday. More here.


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Look no further than the bloated salaries at DMS...


The blog entry asserts that the Governor and the Legislature were aware that it was impossible to keep their promise to hold schools harmless from their proposed tax cuts even as they were making the promise. WOW! I can't believe that Crist, Rubio and Pruitt would lie. Would they?

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