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More Dems targeted by GOP prop tax ads

Rep. Luis Garcia, the Miami Beach Democrat who is among the seven House freshmen to win over Republican seats has also been targeted by the attack mailers this week sent by the Republican Party of Florida. Read story here. The list of House freshmen under the attack also includes: Reps. Ron Saunders of Key West, Martin Kiar of Parkland, Debbie Boyd of High Springs, Keith Fitzgerald of Sarasota, Bill Heller of St. Petersburg and Janet Long of St. Petersburg.

Garcia, in Orlando attending the conference of National Association of Latin Elected and Appointed Officials, said that his constituents have told him they've received the same brochures. "It seems to be a more widespread effort than only 3 or 4 targets,'' he writes. "In my opinion it seems like an act of early desperation."

Long had this to saw about Rep. David Rivera's comments in today's Herald in which he warns that all Democrats will be held accountable for their property tax vote: "I will be held accountable by the voters in my District not by the Republican Party of Florida and him!"


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Is David Rivera going to hold Carl Domino accountable for his vote? Where is the RPOF mail attacking him?

Wonder if they're going to send out attack pieces on all the voters who vote no on this P.O.S, too.

All this proves that proposed tax amendment pushed thru by Republicans was always meant to be a political tool only. They never really wanted true tax reform. The amendment will go down in flames in Jan as Repubs planned but they think they will already have gotten credit for tax cut that never happens and blame Dems for it going down.
Once again Repubs think public (and press) are too stupid to figure it out.might be right about toothless press DUH

Further proof that Republicans were not really serious about reform is that they intentionally made the ballot language so misleading that the amendment would be thrown out if it did pass. It doesn't let you know that Save Our Homes is gone for homes purchased next year or that it is being phased out.

David Rivera is what's wrong with this State. The Governor should reel him in before he does anymore damage to the already self-destructive Republican party of Florida.
So much for Crist/Rubio spirit of bipartisanship! What a joke..

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