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Politico: Martinez among the immigration bill's "fallen soldiers"

Florida Sen. Mel Martinez is among the wounded named in Politico's roundup of congressional Republicans "most adversely impacted" by the defeat of the Senate's immigration plan - "one of the Bush administration's key domestic priorities.

Martinez, who slammed critics of the bill at an appearance in Orlando Friday, "wasn’t able to muster much political muscle in support of immigration reform," Politico writes, despite his bully pulpit as chairman of the national Republican party.

And the DC-based newspaper notes, the battle has cost Martinez points back home. A recent InsiderAdvantage poll puts his approval rating in Florida at 23 percent, with a 47 percent disapproval rating.


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toast: his only advantage is he may rebound because he has time left in his term.

Prior to 2010, Martinez will resign from the Senate so Crist can appoint his successor. He knows he'll lose reelection, so he'll step down to keep the seat in Republican hands.

You heard it here first.


Good. This RINO needs to go! I don't care if he does have a great story, he has only hurt the party, and been useless in minority outreach!

He needs to go NOW as party chair. He can only hurt us in '08.

Larry VanOsdol

Mel Martinez does not represent the voters in Florida who elected him.

His personal agenda to impose an amnesty bill upon the citizens of the United States, while denouncing three-quarters of the Republican Senators who voted against amnesty, proves that he is also unfit to be RNC chairman.

Mel Martinez must be replaced. For the good of the Country and for the Republican party

Tupac Goldstein

Is the Herald protecting Martinez? I note that the piece reporting his downward slide was moved from a place of prominence to one of relative obscurity and that the comments section was completely taken down. New moves but this one is fishy.

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