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Rubio doesn't play when it comes to slots

House Speaker Marco Rubio lamented a new law that paves the way for more slot machines in Broward and said he opposed a potential referendum bringing them to Miami-Dade.

The new law went on the books yesterday when Gov. Charlie Crist -- who has said he opposes the expansion of gambling -- failed to veto it. Bills can become laws without his signature.

"People are being sold (gambling) as a panacea to budget problems, and it has its own costs associated with it,'' Rubio said. "This kind of gaming largely depends on locals, and it's a tax on the poor."

The Miami-Dade County Commission is slated to vote in two weeks whether to ask voters -- for the second time -- whether to let racetracks and jai-alai frontons operate slots. One of Rubio's closest allies, state Rep. David Rivera of Miami, may help run the pro-slots campaign.

"My friends are allowed to have different opinions than I do,'' Rubio said. "I disagree with him, and I hope it fails."


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Hey Marco - - Isn't your prized tax swap just a tax on the poor as well?

Yeah...since when have the Repugs given a rat's patoot about shifting more of the tax burden to poor people? It's cuts to things like the intangibles tax that have driven down state education funding and shifted more of the cost to property tax payers.

Rubio also doesn't care about gambling, just the political issue that happens to be gambling.

Rubio is a crock. Give him 20 years and maybe he'll be ready for the big time.

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