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Conservative group says Crist pandering to "radicals"

Dick Armey, former U.S. House Majority Leader, today slammed Gov. Charlie Crist for "pandering to radical enviromentalists." Armey, who is now chairman of FreedomWorks, took issue with Crist's recent decision to issue executive orders dealing with emissions, saying he did under pressure from former Vice President Al Gore and his "liberal buddies in Hollywood."

Armey said the only way Crist can likely meet his goals is forcing up energy costs:

"Embracing the climate change movement and driving up energy costs is fine if you are Leonardo DiCaprio or Sheryl Crow.  Multi-millionaires can justify their liberal guilt by paying more to fuel their private jets and air condition their giant mansions.  But what about hard-working Floridians whose family budgets are stretched to the limit because of high gasoline prices and skyrocketing home energy costs?"

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that all sounds pretty accurate

Dick Army: is that something that Bob Allen is in charge of?

I salute Dick Armey and FreedomWorks for taking notice of what's going on down here in Florida with this governor. Hopefully more people will follow in FreedomWorks steps and condemn not only his newfound global warming schtick, but also his restoration of felons rights, his lack of leadership on the property tax issue, and his legitimizing the separatist ethnic leftist front group La Raza, among other things.

Cynical Idealist

Hey, 7;04....that's really good!


Is there a group that Chaingang Charlie hasn't pandered to yet?

R. Mills

Frredomworks are Radical right wing fringe
out of the mainstream Fill_in_The_Blank

Ellen K

I think most of the Global Warming crowd have a major disconnect with the majority of Americans. The average person can't even afford the typical hybrid sedan, never mind solar cells, custom built homes with costly environmental perqs and have a job where they don't commute. Most of us are far more concerned with the cost of gas, and how that impacts the transportation of everything from food to clothing. Maybe if these celebrities had to truly live a low carbon print lifestyle-no private jets, no eight bedroom Malibu mansion, no stretch Hummer limos, they would see the world as we live it. Instead they want limits imposed that will hurt the middle class the most while they offshore their incomes.

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