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Fla Dem chief may disclose her income

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said the party may amend its bylaws to require her to disclose all of her sources of income, following revelations that she partnered with a Republican power broker to lobby on behalf of Miami-Dade County.

The Miami Herald reported earlier this month that Thurman receives $3,500 per month from the law firm headed by former Florida Republican party chief Al Cardenas, one of three lobbyists for the county in Washington.

In a Q & A with the "netroots," Thurman said: "Now, I am not and have never been opposed to fully disclosing my outside income as chair, and I’m certainly not the first chair to have other interests. However, our party bylaws don’t address the issue. But now we are in the process of discussing how to best to go forward. One option is to amend the bylaws with a procedure for disclosure, since that really seemed to be the issue for people that had concerns.''

Asked if she had any regrets in how she handled the situation, Thurman quipped: "I regret that it ended up in the newspaper!''


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In other words, Thurman only regrets getting caught. How nice.

In other words, she didn't do anything wrong in the first place.

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