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House Republicans hold lavish fundraiser

It sounds like a South Florida dream vacation: a yacht cruise, salsa dancing lessons, dinner at the famed former Versace mansion in Miami Beach, and even a personal concierge who will ``be available 24 hours a day to ensure your comfort.''

But this isn't being offered by a travel agent. It's a Republican party fundraiser, a lavish three-day affair that Florida's GOP leaders in the state House are holding this weekend in Coral Gables and Miami Beach. Gold sponsors to the event must pay $50,000. Platinum sponsors must pay $100,000. It's expected to be a record-setting fundraiser put on by House Republicans and organized with the help of Miami-Dade legislators David Rivera, Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Anitere Flores. More here.


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I hope the Miami Herald sends a reporter to cover the event. Let us know who attends and then see which attendees get special treatment next legislative session. Why would someone give $100,000 without some expectations of a payback?

Cynical Idealist

Gary, Gary, Gary!

For a guy who spends much of his time covering the legislature, it is inexcusable to misstate the next two Speakers will be Reps. Hasner and Bogdanoff (when they are actually going to be Rep. Ray Sansom and Rep. Dean Cannon, assuming the R's maintain their edge in the House)

You're one of the guys who lead the charge to implement the lobbyist gift ban.

Were you wrong on only this occasion, or both?

Or, are you just another of the lemmings in the press corp?

Gary Fineout

Thanks for your comments. The story clearly points out Sansom is the next speaker in line. The listing you mention in the story was a lengthy clause listing several parties, not just Bogdanoff and Hasner.

I hear that for an additional $1,000, Rivera will take you to the Hollywood premiere of his upcomming blockbuster, "Mr. Bean's Holiday." That, my friends, is too good of an offer to pass up.

To: Gary Fineout
From: Concerned Taxpayer

Will you provide the public with a list of attendees so we can see if there is any connection to favors provided to attendees next session?

Will PIP be extended in the special legislative session in September?
Answer probably depends on who brings more $$$ to the fundraiser- the insurance industry or the hospitals.

This entire fundraiser is a joke. Did anyone notice that only about 4 members of the Dade Delegation are involved? The ones that fall in line behind Rubio and can't think for themselves out of ignorance and fear.

If this is House "leadership", why don't these jokers spend more time trying to fix the insurance and tax problem, work on PIP, try to find room for Kidcare.

I guess they need to raise all this money to protect Bogdanoff, Rivera and Lopez-Cantera from the Democratic opponents they have.

I am sick and tired of the endless self-promotion being exhibited by Marco Rubio and his lackeys.

Public servants my a$$.

This article and the comments on here are just sour grapes from a liberal Florida Democrats who continue to languish in distant second place for lack of fresh ideas, strong leadership.

Gary, since we now know you read the comments on here, care to tell us why you are so indignant over the idea that Republicans can find support for their ideas?

Where was your sense of indignation when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama announced their fundraising numbers, or when the Democrats announced they had raised 100 million more tha Republicans?

How about the House Democrat's golf tournament last week in Tallahassee that drew more than 100 lobbyists and special interests? You seemed to have missed that one.

Like Ronald Reagan used to say, when a conservative gives money to a Republican, he is a "fat cat" donor, but when a liberal gives money to a Democrat he is a philanthropist.

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