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PIP politics: Group upset with state agency head

Floridians for Lower Insurance Costs, a coalition of groups pushing to end Florida's no-fault insurance law, aren't too happy with Electra Bustle, the head of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Prodded by Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, Bustle explained at today's Cabinet meeting why the end of no-fault, and the requirement that motorists have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) would be a problem.

Bustle said that highway patrol troopers would have to spend more time sorting out who's at fault in auto accidents and she agreed with statements by Sink that more Floridians would probably opt to drive without any form of insurance. Bustle's agency has already opined that there will be nothing to prevent motorists from going bare _ a position disputed by insurers such as State Farm.

The coalition called the statements "surprising and puzzling" and suggested that Bustle's concerns were "unfounded." (See full statement in comments)

It appears, however, that Crist and other Cabinet members agreed something needs to be done to preserve some type of no-fault. Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson even disputed that savings would be passed on to motorists. "There's no free lunch,'' he said. Crist said that he talked to Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff on Monday and that a compromise may soon be unveiled.


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I too have health insurance and car insurance. What happens though when the fender bender is not a fender bender and I or my family gets hurt and the other party does not have insurance.

What happens when the insurance adjuster starts playing games and the hospital and specialist bills rack up and I start getting calls from collection agencies because the health insurance refuses to pay on something that they think the auto insurance should pay for.

What happens it is only a fender bender but I have a bad back that causes me not to be able to sit up out of bed 2, 3, or 4 days after the accident because the muscles are all tensed up. Do I go to the Emergency Room with a bad bach?

Can I go to a chiropracter especially if I don't want to get cut on and don't want my spine fused because I am scare but I will deal with physical therapy to get the muscle in proper shape.

What if the chiropracter wants to send me to get an MRI to make sure that I should not be seeing a ortho or a neuro?

Then what?

The Truth

Mr. Fineouts Statements are not accurate and should not be taken as the truth. He almost soundS like a State Farm Agent.

“Florida drivers are still required to carry property damage liability coverage and comply with the state’s financial responsibility law. It is the DHSMV’s responsibility to ensure those laws are enforced and with the prospect of eliminating no-fault planned for four years, they’ve had ample time to prepare for the change. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

I work for a group that is actively working to prevent the sunset of mandatory insurance. The above statement is not true. After October 1st, there will be NO MANDATORY INSURANCE REQUIREMENT, the Florida Statute that requires PIP also ties into the requirement for liability. Anyone who is intelligent and can read can go on the internet and read this for themselves. We have been speaking to and working with various government officials from the CFO's office and DMV and have confirmed that you will NOT be required to have ANY amount of insurance after October 1st.
As far as the financial responsibility law goes: This law only takes effect FOLLOWING an accident. Then ONLY if you take the time and money to go to court and a judgement is passed. So, your hit by "John Doe" who brings home $300-400 per week from his job and has no auto insurance. If he does $10,000 damage to your Mercedes do you really, really think he has $10K to hand you plus court costs if a judgement is passed. NO WAY! STATE FARM WILL STILL HAVE TO FIX THEIR OWN INSUREDS AUTOS AND ON YOUR RENEWAL, YOUR PREMIUMS WILL GO UP...OH, SORRY THERE GOES YOUR BIG SAVINGS!!!!

As far as the "unsupported allegations that 4 million uninsured drivers will be on the road":
We confirmed these approximate figures with various sources including the DMV. They actually gave us the figures as to how many letters of drivers license suspension for no insurance they sent out last year. That figure was 900,000. They also estimate that an additional 100,000 drivers are currently driving with no insurance for one reason or another under the radar. As far as the additional 3,000,000 drivers....that is an estimate based on a percentage from the total number of drivers that currently carry only the minimum mandatory insurance. Do you really think that a driver that is living from paycheck to paycheck and can hardly pay for his current insurance is going to continue doing so when it's not required by the state? COME ON...GET REAL!

Florida drivers will also NOT save money on their auto insurance. State Farm propagated this lie. Once State Farm's customers start getting smashed by uninsured motorists who cannot or will not pay the thousands of dollars in damage to their clients cars, State Farm will be required to fix the vehicle. Do you think that they are a non-profit organization and they're just going to continue taking the loss? NO....THEY WILL RAISE THE COST OF UNINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE, LIABILITY, MED PAY, ETC.. ON THEIR OWN INSURED'S POLICIES. OOPS! THERE GOES THE BIG DISCOUNT AGAIN!!!

Please stop spreading the same BS that State Farm is and misleading the public. There are 3 major health insurance companies that have told us that if no-fault expires, they will be filing for higher health insurance rates. The Florida Hospital Association sent out a letter to Governor Crist, stating the fact that Florida's trauma system and emergency room care will be strained to the breaking point. We have copies of this letter as well as others from various state agencies stating that consumers costs will rise, and insurance, law inforcement,and health care will suffer greatly.


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