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Politics and policy of PIP and the Senate

As they inch toward some accord on no-fault car insurance, the House and Senate point-politicians conceptually agree that they want a billing schedule to clear up payment disputes, lawyer-fee caps, more power for the attorney general to pursue tight-fisted insurance companies, protections for hospitals and clearer definitions of what's necessary and billable non-emergency care.

They concretely agree on one this: Any solution faces a tough slog in the Senate heading into the September special session.

"I’ve got my votes in the House," said Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale. "Go talk to the Senate. There is an interest group that says they can kill it in the Senate. They’re going to give it their best shot."

The interest group: the trial lawyers, a lobby that Bogdanoff's one-time political client, current Senate President Ken Pruitt, is rather friendly with. It's also a lobby that she suspects of running Republican candidate Darin Lentner against her.

Another reason any fix or overhaul for Personal Injury Protection won't pass easily in the Senate: It doesn't have the lemming-like tendency to charge over any cliff its presiding points out. And allowing PIP to go away with no good alternative could make for a rough landing, especially as the state budget, wind-insurance and property-tax woes bedevil legislators.

Sen. Bill Posey, R-Rockledge, acknowledged individual Senators have far more power in the process, especially under Pruitt's watch, and that "if there's a problem, it will be in the Senate." But the big problem is all the lobbying, he said.

"We have every interest group out there from the hospitals, to the insurers to the trial lawyers, doctors and chiropractors," Posey said. "If everybody hates it, it will probably be a good bill."

Said Bogdanoff: "We have State Farm and the trial lawyers on the same side. When the stars align like that, it's a scary proposition."


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Ellyn is done. The people spoke last Novmeber as the GOP took a real thumpin. No more politicans for coroporate greed. Bog dogs is all about corporate greed.Bogs is on her way out. 08 will be special.

Oh and we have photos.

Fitzie Fan Club

Long live this Fitzie/ He has Ellyn pegged. She will throw the people of Florida into her stew for her own political gain. PIP is vital to the good folks of Florida. Ellyn is looking to trample their rights and deny them access to the Courts with her new fee cap proposals.



Does anyone even realize that Bog's family business before she became an attorney- was guess what? - INSURANCE!!! her mom still is in the business. Do you really think Bogs will do anything that hurts the insurance industry??? NO WAY!!! She must go!!

Where did this whole debate spring from? It seems like this Fitzy gal knows what is going on.

The 91 huh? Ellyn says she has it locked up huh?

Wow that is news.

Just great more taxes to pay for the uninsureds who are going to going to emergency rooms for back sprains.

Nice. I guess medicaid or medicare will pay for all this?

That means that taxes will go up right?

And now I hear that the state of Florida is staring down the barrel of a 1.2 billion dollar deficit because of special interests.


The insurance industry is perpetrating burecratic and systematic fraud onto the people of FLorida. The insurance comanies and their bought and paid for hooka Ellyn Bogdanoff are the frauds. DOWN WITH BOGS IN 2008. No more corrupt politicians. The Governer gets it, thats why sore loser Bogdanoff, Rubio and Rivera try to slam him (they supported United whore Tom Gallagher).


I see your meds didn't quite kick in. Can you please discuss something other than insurance for a second ? You sound like a robot who has been programmed by chiari and the rest of the broward gays.

Broward Gays are involved in the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) equation. Wow. I know that might sound funny but from here it just sounds like shear madness to equate the two issues.

Now I understand why Rep. Allen was so repressed and strained under the burden of desire that he was forced to pursue what he wanted.


This just in-----You will see PIP included in special session, and it will NOT be from Ellyn Bogdanoff.

Prince Albert

I hope all of you PIP-feeding scumbag bloggists realize your days are numbered. Rather than spending your time complaining and threatening here, you might want to start looking for legitimate jobs at tarrot card reading shops, friday paycheck cashing offices, and other rip-off scam artist institutions. Otherwise how will you finance your political machine to unseat any politician? Either that, or you can join Charlie's "I'll just wish the hurricanes away" rainbow coalition.

I like how you cast aspersions at the insurance company "hosts" that you parasites have fed off of for years, all the while sending messages from your posh homes and offices claiming you represent the "little people" - right, for 30 or 40% plus expenses. You don't even have the guts to really and truly identify yourselves (so I'll refrain as well). Cockroaches run from the light just like yourselves, but at least they'll survive past October 1, 2007.

The Light and The Way

Sounds like Fitzie must have had her high school boyfriend stolen from her by Bogdanoff or something. Have you seen Bogdanoff? She's pretty attractive (and intelligent). Maybe Fitzie simply forgot her Prozac or Lithium today.

I'm not sure if PIP should stay or go, as there are arguments on both sides, but it seems to me that at least Bogdanoff was trying to do something constructive during the session, unlike Jones and Bennett, who made the Senate's bill so lame that even the original sponsor (Posey) held his nose when he voted for it so it would be unanimous. I guess that's what she gets for trying to please the insatiable chiropractors and trial lawyers. Should have just stuck it to them and been done with it.

And for those who say "The Governor gets it," you're right. He gets most of IT - his campaign money - from 1-800-ASK-GARY, the state's largest chiropractor (Gary Kompothecras). He's nothing but a shill for the quackopractors. If you don't see THAT, you may need to seek a lawyer and file a lawsuit against Charlie because your eyes have been impaired from staring at his supernova-like glowing tan.


Since when did we start wanting legislators who have no experience in the subject matter they legislate on? I guess we don't want farmers on agriculture committees, or doctors on health committees, or veterans on military affairs committees. I fail to see the logic in pointing out someone's background as a shortfall if you can't point to specific behavior that indicates they are engaged in favoritism. How are Bogdanoff and Rubio doing this? Explain it to me with reason, rather than making unsupported emotion-laid assertions. Maybe I'll listen to that, but not the drivel so far. I think if you're emotional about PIP, it must be because you make your living taking advantage of it.

Try my untrained insurance logic in the meantime: Doesn't it stand to reason that if insuers don't sell PIP, they don't collect the premiums? If they don't want the coverage (and the premiums) around, they must pay out more than they take in. If you ran a business, could you keep it a float if more money went out than came in? Whether we like it or not, automobile insurance in this country (our country - the best damn country on the face of the earth) is NOT a charitable institution. It's not socialized, nor is it subsidized - in Florida or elsewhere. Having said that, it should be properly regulated to protect the ordinary citizen against being fleeced.

Until I hear some logic to the contrary (and not this "insurers bad - PIP clinics, trial lawyers and chiropractors good" illogical droning), I figure there must be something to the sunset of PIP - cause all the quacks are screaming.

Blowing our cash

If most other states don't have no-fault, what are we all so worried about?

We ought to be more worried about trusting a Governor who spends his time with Sheryl Crow and Arnold talking about making things more environmentally friendly, only to spend $170,000 of our taxpayer money to solar heat the pool at the mansion, just so he has less shrinkage when Rep. Allen comes over to skinny-dip.


Enough with politicans like Ellyn Bogdanoff who are only concerned with their campaign contributors, the insurance companies. Bogdanoff is in bed with State Farm and United Auto to harm the good people of FLorida


Bogdanoff, Rubio & Rivera are all corrupt politcians and will lose their re-election bids.

Davie Crockett

Prince Albert, Bogdanoff was not trying to do something for the people, only to increase the bottom line of insurance compannies like United Auto that feed her campaign and feed her defense attorney cousin and send $20,000 to golf tournamnets to raise her money. The Governer is for the people. Bogdanoff is for herself and big insurance companies. She is the type pf Repiblican without a politcal future. bye bye Ellyn.


Let Bogdanoff and Marquito Rubio go work fot United instead of harming the good people of Florida.



I see all the PIP scum is on their lunch breaks ?

Aren't there any accidents on 95 right now where you guys can be collecting some more blood money ?


Only blood money sonny is the money Ellyn Bogdanoff collected from United Automobile Insurance Company and their lobbysits Colodny who thew her a fancy golf tournament fund raiser. Oh and those United cases directed to her cousin. HMmm. An insurance company that denies 97% percent of their claims and have rebuked repeadedlty by the insurance commissioner. Ellyn is in bed with them , taking their blood money at the expense of the good people of this state. Shame on you Ellyn Bogdanoff. The people will not forget your heinous actions.


Why do we need PIP! Let's just have a fund for the CEO'S of all the Insurance companies so they can get the Billions they need to live the lifestye they are used to. A special session for this is an insult to the Florida residents. We need to reform the political system. This system is by the people, not for the people. God bless special interest. They should all go to hell. Due to high gas prices no one will be driving anywhere so will need no car insurance.

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