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Bronson says no to 10 percent budget cuts

Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson has told Gov. Charlie Crist and the GOP-controlled Legislature that he cannot recommend up to 10 percent in budget cuts as ordered by Crist and lawmakers earlier this summer. Each agency was required to turn in plans today that spelled out what budget cuts could be enacted by the Legislature, which will meet during a September special session to cut at least $1 billion from the state budget.

In a letter sent today to the governor, Bronson said that his agency has been repeatedly cut in recent years: "We have undergone budget cuts and re-structuring for the last 15 years...A 10% budget cut for us would mean a $26.1 million reduction. To get to that figure would mean making drastic cuts to food safety, fire-fighting capabilities, consumer protection and seriously hamper our ability to help sell our Florida products which ultimately affects jobs, the State's sales tax collections and our overall economy. Because of the numerous cuts that have been previously made, further reductions to these core areas would be detrimental to the services we provide to the citizens of the State."

Bronson only recommended a 3.5 percent cut that amounts to $7.9 million of his current year budget.

Read his letter here: Download bronson_letter.doc


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what a moron. The law states he has to offer up cuts.

Bad move Bronson. If everyone else has got to do it, then so do you. Get off your high horse and show us the cuts!!!

Not to worry, DMS in their zeal to out-cut everyone else, offered up more than they needed to... but of course nothing about People First or DMS' bloated salaries for the top folks, just economic development for minorities, oversight on wasteful contracting *ironic aint it*... do away with the oversight so we can blow more taxpayer money on contracting.

Bronson carries a gun...even in to the capitol. As an ex-law enforcement officer, he can do that.

He's probably thinking y'all can have his 10% when you pry it from his cold, dead hand.

It wasn't a state law- it is what the Gov asked each agency to do. DACS is the only agency that hasn't seen an increase in funding in recent years and further cuts would jeapordize each and every citizen in Florida. Good for Bronson.


Hey moron, there is no state law requiring him to cut his budget. He should cut the sorry Chief of Staff over there and some of her deadwood.

at the very least, a good administrative assistant would be valuable. his letter is full of grammatical and stuctural errors. fire rhodes and all of her minions, she has done nothing but drag bronson down.

Screw Rhodes, she and Bon Jovi in marketing are killing Bronson. She has turned on all her predecessors and mentors. She is a peice of S#*@

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