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Edwards campaign manager disses Florida

Of the leading Democratic candidates for president, John Edwards has spent the least amount of time in Florida, despite a new law moving up the state's presidential primary to the front of the line. Trailing behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in campaign cash, Edwards is staking his candidacy on smaller states with traditional early primaries.

Even Michigan, which may leapfrog over Florida to host the first big-state primary, isn't getting the love from Edwards, though his campaign manager, David Bonior, represented the state in Congress for 26  years. In today's Boston Globe, he says, "I do believe there is a role for a larger state in this process whether that be Florida or wherever. But this campaign is focused on the four early states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina because that is where the issues matter most.''



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Democratic Veteran

Once again Florida is viewed with disrespect and unreliable due to our democratic leaders poor decision making.Very embarrassing.


Who cares, I have a better chance of being elected President and I'm not running.

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